James McAvoy Has A ‘Kinky’ Pick For His Favorite ‘Glass’ Personality

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In Glass, the culmination of M. Night Shyamalan’s Eastrail 177 trilogy following 2000’s Unbreakable and 2016’s Split, James McAvoy plays 20 distinct personalities. It was supposed to be 24 (one of whom is based on Saoirse Ronan), “and we actually filmed 23 of them, but when [Shyamalan] cut the film, he got rid of three of them,” the actor revealed. It’s a lofty performance from McAvoy, playing everyone from Southern belle Norma to Spanish-speaking Samuel to Japanese cinema expert Mr. Pritchard to “The Beast,” and because he’s spent so much time with these characters, he naturally has favorites.

McAvoy named prim and proper Miss Patricia as his preferred personalty to transform into, because “she’s real kinky, and devout, and pious, but kind of longing to be touched at the same time. Which is sort of achingly sad and dead fun to play.” He also enjoys becoming Drake-loving, Nicki-hating nine-year-old Hedwig. “He just doesn’t really recognize barriers or boundaries, and it allows him to be pretty inappropriate with anybody and everybody,” McAvoy said.

The X-Men star — who’s shirtless for much of Glass — also discussed the most awkward sex scene he’s ever filmed. “There was a very technical sex scene in Atonement. The director wanted us to kiss with tongue, and Keira Knightley was wearing a dress that was made out of tissue paper, like it would fall apart if I blinked too hard,” he said. “The scene wasn’t sexy at all, but they rarely are.”

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