People Will Get To Watch Godzilla Fight King Kong A Little Earlier Than Expected

Last month Warner Bros. sent shockwaves across the industry: They announced their entire 2021 slate of movies would be headed to HBO Max, their newish streamer, the same day they hit theaters. It wasn’t only theater owners who were enraged. The production companies behind some of their films — notably Legendary Entertainment, who oversaw Godzilla vs. Kong and Dune — were also peeved, suggesting Warners’ decision had been more rushed than expected. But the two companies worked out some kind of deal, and as a result you’ll actually be able to watch Godzilla tussle with Kong a bit earlier than planned.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, the long-threatened mash-up between the two behemoths, originally scheduled for May, will now drop two months earlier, on March 26. The big fight has been in the works for years. Warners’ new version of Godzilla — the towering, city-destroying kaiju first seen in 1954 — was first seen in 2014, and again last year, with Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Meanwhile, Kong — who made his debut in the 1933 classic — came back in 2017’s Kong: Skull Island.

Of course, this latest duel isn’t the first time the two gargantuans have squared off. They fought in 1962’s King Kong vs. Godzilla, made in Japan and helmed by original Godzilla director Ishiro Honda. That one ended in a kind of stalemate, so we’ll see how their rematch goes in just over two months.

(Via THR)