There’s Nothing Better Than Watching These Grandmas Get Turned Into Disney Princesses

There’s nothing quite like a makeover. Sure, they’re great when you see them on daytime TV (the best part of being sick), but BuzzFeed’s latest video gives some women a makeover like none other. In fact, it’s magical. That’s because the ladies in this video are all grannies who are turned into Disney princesses. (Check out the one who’s afraid they’re going to make her look like “before” Cinderella.)

While Ariel is conspicuously absent (even though she’s the best princess… fight me!), Snow White, Cindy, and both sisters from Frozen are represented here. Speaking of Snow White, don’t miss that grandma’s commentary on her own Disney character. It’s just the teensiest bit risque. The other ladies are pretty fantastic, too. This, friends, is what aging gracefully looks like. I hope we all just decide to wear costumes 24/7 when we’re old, though. How cool would that be?

(h/t The Huffington Post)