‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Director James Gunn Shares His Favorite Movies Of 2014

James Gunn
Getty Image

While any film critic can share his best movies of the year, or a really intelligent-yet-mysterious rebel can tell us which movies he thought sucked, it’s always good to hear the opinions of the people who actually make movies. For example, some people thought that Guardians of the Galaxy was one of the best movies of 2014 – it even surprised people by making the Writers Guild’s shortlist for adapted screenplay – so it might be cool to know which movies that director James Gunn liked last year. And as if he was reading my mind in this conveniently hypothetical situation, he delivered.

Gunn’s Top 12 films of 2014 come to us in no specific order, but if they reveal anything at all, it’s that Whiplash seems to be the clear constant in most “Best of” lists (damn your sorcery, Miles Teller) and, much more importantly, Gunn loves action movies. Of course, he points that out in his notes, but he seems like the kind of moviemaking bro who would be fun to watch Everly with. Let’s be best friends, James Gunn.

Gunn proves his movie intelligence by agreeing with Danger Guerrero and me that John Wick was the best movie of 2014. I know Gunn says it’s Whiplash, but Wick being last on his list means it’s his No. 1. That’s just the law of man.

While most celebrities are content to simply have a PR person post something on their Facebook pages, Gunn also took some time to respond to the “But what about…” questions that inevitably come with such lists. If only I’d have known sooner, I could have asked him what he thought about the end of Safe Haven.