An Old Quote In Which James Gunn Once Said Someone Will Die In ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3,’ And Fans Are Trying To Guess Which One

James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad was so into killing off its epic cast that a good chunk of them didn’t even make it to the opening credits. (That said, more could come back from the dead than once assumed.) But the Troma alum has played far, far, far nicer with the Guardians of the Galaxy, his wing of the MCU. But perhaps not all of them are safe after all. Fans recently dug up a quote from last year, in which Gunn revealed that someone dies in the still-in-the-works Vol. 3. And now fans are debating who eats it.

In April of 2020, Gunn did a Q&A session on Instagram Live. Someone asked him, point blank, “Will someone die in gogt 3?” Gunn responded with a tantalizing “Yes.” He also more recently (and even more vaguely) teased a Guardians passing. Could it be one of the central quintet (one of whom has already technically died, only to come back as a baby)? Could it be a prime supporting character, one of whom perished in Vol. 2? Who knows!

But social media is social media, and soon people on Twitter started floating their own answers. Some said Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord.

A lot of people were very sure it’s Drax. That’s not too far-fetched: Dave Bautista has said he may not play the sweet muscle-bound dimwit after Vol. 3.

Others were worried it could be Rocket.

Or Nebula.

Or all of them.

Some pointed out that it’s not the first time the series has killed off a beloved character. People are surely still missing Michael Rooker’s Yondu.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3. is still in the pre-production phase, so please be patient.