Gwyneth Paltrow Wants Us To Know She’s Almost Too Punk Rock for Goop


Gwyneth Paltrow would like to make it abundantly clear that when she isn’t selling you $15,000 golden dildos, recommending that you steam your vagina, or offering you recipes for a smoothie that costs $220, she’s a risk-taking business woman that’s almost too punk rock for her own good. She also still can’t quite figure out why everyone hates her. It’s possible all these things are related.

Paltrow published an essay Wednesday on LinkedIn in which she discusses how she’s dealt with the ups and downs she’s encountered since ditching her successful career as a Hollywood actress to start a lifestyle brand website called Goop. In the essay, Paltrow talks about how she’s found it hard, yet extremely satisfying and fulfilling, jumping from one career to the other.

I (basically) walked away from a career where people kissed my ass to being grilled by a VC or my board. I used to worry about myself and myself alone, and now I am responsible for the livelihoods of 50+ people. These days I spend every waking hour trying to execute on a strategy I created with my team to make goop the number one global lifestyle brand (a girl can dream), while trying to get us to profitability before my series B runs out. All while being as professionally fulfilled and happy as I have ever been in my life. More so.

Paltrow’s decision to leave the movie making business to start her own company was initially looked at with a side-eye, but has since actually paid off. Her web based business just landed $10 million in series A funding last summer, according to Fast Company. From the sounds of things, Paltrow has a laser focus and some serious hater-blocker shades she acquired in part thanks to all those years of fans criticizing her as she stood under the Hollywood microscope.

The punk rock kid in me is essential to my decision making, but she needs to be tamed and she definitely needs to think before she speaks. Culture is everything. Hiring is everything. Thick skin is essential. Self-belief is paramount.

Since we can’t afford to shop on Paltrow’s website, we’ll just go ahead and keep watching Shallow Hal on FX every weekend afternoon.

(Via LinkedIn)

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