Harley Quinn Wants To Play In A New ‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer And TV Spots

I’m bored. Play with me.” That’s a threat when it’s Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) saying it, as she does in this fun character trailer for Suicide Squad. Warner is releasing several of these character-centric trailers leading up to the film’s opening in two weeks. We’ve already seen trailers for Will Smith’s Deadshot and Viola Davis’ Amanda Waller, but we assumed Harley Quinn would also have to get one considering there’s a rumored spin-off for her in the works.

The Harley Quinn trailer opens with her being attacked in an elevator by a henchman (hench-creature?) of a slimy villain only known so far as “The Adversary.” Harley makes quick work of the gross interloper with her baseball bat and strategic flips before going right back to texting her J-bae. Rumor has it the version of Harley in this film also has a gymnast background in addition to being a psychiatrist (and Robbie herself has a bit of tumbling training — she went to “circus school” as a child and received a “trapeze certificate”).

The trailer continues, set to a cover of Lesley Gore’s “You Don’t Own Me,” which seems to be a fitting theme for this more self-possessed Harley throughout these trailers. One thing this video definitely shows is that Harley “finds joy in causing mayhem.”


Warner has also released two new TV spots:

(Via Warner Bros. Pictures and CBM)