Harrison Ford Roasted Conan O’Brien For Needing A Reminder About The Name Of His ‘Star Wars’ Character

Harrison Ford can be grumpy in interviews. He can also be charming. Most of the time, he’s both, as evidenced during a recent chat with Conan O’Brien on the Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend podcast.

Ford was there to promote Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny — an “audacious blast” that sadly underperformed at the box office — and discuss his many appearances on Conan’s talk shows. Star Wars came up, too, of course, but surprisingly, it was Ford who mentioned Han Solo first.

While Conan was reading from his notes about where Ford was born, the actor interrupted the biography. “If that’s the quality of your research,” he said, “and I imagine it is because right there it says ‘Harrison Ford’ and then you had to write down ‘Han Solo.’ You can’t f*cking remember that?” If Harrison Ford roasted me on a podcast, I would jump into a Sarlacc pit (he would also roast me for that reference), but a quick-thinking Conan replied, “I wrote [it] down because I heard you were in some of the Star Wars films, and this was news to me because I’ve seen those films and I don’t exactly think you ‘pop.'”

The whole interview had this “two friends busting each other’s balls” energy. As noted by Pajiba, within 30 seconds of the chat starting, Ford asked Conan what he’s allowed to say on a podcast. When the host told him “anything you want,” Ford quickly fired back, “Well, f*ck you.” I don’t care if Harrison Ford is 80 years old — there needs to be more Indiana Jones movies, so we get more Harrison Ford press tours.

You can listen to the podcast below.

(Via Pajiba)