Harrison Ford Continues Being Pure Harrison Ford At ‘Star Wars’ Media Day

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We’ve already rounded up things we learned about Star Wars: The Force Awakens from the panel discussion at last Sunday’s Star Wars media day, but the panel wasn’t the only interesting part to come out of the event. Harrison Ford gave an interesting interview to The Hollywood Reporter. In addition to saying he’d like to do another Indiana Jones movie with Steven Spielberg, he also talked about giving advice to newcomers Daisy Ridley and John Boyega.

In the past, Ford has spoke about what advice he might offer his younger co-stars, and we already knew his advice to Oscar Isaac was pure Harrison Ford. On Sunday, he told THR he advised Daisy Ridley she would never again have trouble booking a last minute dental appointment. As for whether he offered John Boyega advice, Ford cracked a joke: “No. He is not a guy that asks anybody about anything. He’s a interesting character. He will tell you that I am his best friend — that is how full of sh*t he is — but he is fun to be around and brings a real energy to the part.”

For what it’s worth, Boyega definitely seemed like he wanted to be Ford’s best friend in this new Force Awakens featurette, in which Boyega brings his Han Solo doll to set to be autographed:

In the interview, Ford also joked about the differences between filming the first movie and the highly-anticipated Force Awakens: Everyone’s trying to find spoilers about this movie, but when the first movie was filming, “nobody gave a rat’s ass.” Hmm, not sure if “nobody” includes any of the cast and crew, but we have heard there was copious drinking on set.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter and Star Wars)