How Would A ‘Harry Potter’ Wizarding School Of Magic Be Different In America?

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12.22.15 6 Comments

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Fans of J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world of Harry Potter know all about Hogwarts and its long and storied history of famous witches and wizards, but little is known about the wand-wielders across the pond. The information that hardcore fans do have is scarce – but it’s there if you look with the right set of eyes.

We know that in the 1920’s, Newt Scamander visited New York, and the events of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them played out in all of their destructive glory. We also know that the magically inclined are governed by The Magical Congress of The United States, but where is the school, and how has American culture affected the patronus of a kid named Todd, who’s a Chicago Bulls fan?

That’s where Reddit comes to the rescue. Redditor LimboDog asked, “How would a school for Magic in the USA differ from Hogwarts?” and Reddit came to the collective aid with a slew of cynical-yet-astute predictions of what a Hogwarts would be like in the U.S. of A.:

Scandalousmambo hit the nail on the head immediately:

It would be sponsored by Wizards of the Coast and Gatorade.

But DaSaw made sure to clarify:

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