Honest Trailers Sums Up Each 2017 Best Picture Nominee Ahead Of The Oscars

Once a year, Screen Junkies takes time out from making Honest Trailers about single films and makes an Honest Trailer about the Best Picture nominees for that year’s Academy Awards. It’s like that time Mystery Science Theater 3000 did an Oscars special, only condensed into less than six minutes. Like MST3K some of the jokes are topical and some will no doubt make future nostalgic whatever generation after millennials are named laugh two decades from now.

Wait what? It’s been TWO DECADES since that MST3K episode? I’m…going to need a minute.

While I recover, watch Screen Junkies explain what each of this year’s nine Best Picture nominees are really about. From the little known Lion to the battle royale between favorites Moonlight and La La Land, no sacred film cow is beyond the all-jeering Eye of Sauron that is Screen Junkies. Then join me in my quest to make Amy Adams the next Leonardo DiCaprio. We all rooted for DiCaprio until he finally got his little gold statue, and now it’s time for us do to the same for Adams. Let’s just hope she doesn’t have to bleed all over her co-stars or wrestle a bear to finally get the attention of the Academy.