An Exploration Of How ‘Back To The Future 2’ Should Have Started Raising Some Important Questions

It’s been a puffer vest-happy day all day as we celebrate the day that Marty McFly traveled back to October 21, 2015 in the first two Back to the Future movies. We can officially kill that fake Facebook meme with the wrong dates, but now we are living in the future of that cinematic universe.

But what if someone threw a hitch in that whole damn thing and ruined the movies for everyone? Because that’s basically what the guys at “How It Should Have Ended” did by taking a look at a very important plot point that straddled the first and second movies: If Doc Brown brought Marty and Jennifer back to the future to see about their kids, that means they weren’t existing in the present to conceive them in the first place. Sure, Doc could have brought them back at some point, but they had to take a trip back to 1885 from 1955 first. And then, Doc and Clara stayed together to have Jules and Verne…

Great scott… we’re gonna have to go back! To the future!

(via HISHE)