How Long Is The ‘Elemental’ Movie?

A new Pixar movie has arrived in theaters, and you know what that means: you will likely be captivated and awed as well as crushed and devastated. Such is the nature of the compelling beast, and no one pulls off that combination better than Pixar. Elemental has duly arrived to fill that void, and the film will of course eventually land on Disney+ for streaming, but as of June 15, the film has landed in air-conditioned theaters in time to cool everyone down and keep their attention occupied while summer kicks into gear.

How long should you be prepared to hang tight in theaters (from a bathroom break), though? Expect to see 1 hour and 43 minutes worth of actual spectacular sights in addition to all of the trailer-filled preparation that remains customary for the theater experience.

From there, the film whizzes through the lives of air, fire, and water-themed characters of Element City. In doing so, there’s a primary focus upon fiery Ember Lumen and her newfound friendship with Wade Ripple. Together perhaps they’ll help create a world where the elements can comfortably reside together. Directed by Peter Sohn, one can expect hidden meaning behind this melting pot of sorts, and in the theater, one can also get into the mixing spirit by pairing a slushee with jalapeño-stacked nachos. One hardly needs an excuse for that culinary madness, though.

Elemental is currently in theaters.