How Much Did ‘Dune: Part Two’ Cost To Make?

With Dune: Part Two conquering the box office thanks to its gorgeous visuals, copious amounts of sandworms, and a wave of positive reviews, the big question is how much did the wildly expansive sequel cost and is the franchise looking strong enough to green light a third film?

Well, the good news is things are looking very promising for Denis Villeneuve‘s take on Frank Herbert’s iconic sci-fi series. There’s nothing but positive signs after Dune: Part Two‘s opening box office weekend, which kicked off a considerable about of momentum as the sequel starts its theatrical.

We’ll break down the numbers for you.

How Much Did ‘Dune: Part Two’ Cost To Make?

According to NPR, Dune: Part Two reportedly cost around $190 million. While that’s considerably larger than initial reports that Dune: Part Two only cost somewhere in the $122 million range, the opening box office is painting a very rosy picture for the franchise’s profitability.

Dune: Part Two opened to $81.5 million domestically. Internationally, however, the sequel did even better where it racked up $97 million. That’s a combined total of $178.5 million, which puts Dune: Part Two in very close striking distance to covering its budget. Add in a wave of positive word of mouth going into Part Two‘s second weekend, and the sequel should be a box office success for Warner Bros.

Case in point, here’s what Uproxx‘s Mike Ryan said about the film:

“You’re going to see people throw around the word ‘masterpiece’ about Dune: Part Two and I’m not going to sit here and tell you they are wrong,” Ryan wrote. “It very well might be. (I would say, ask me in a year.) But Dune: Part Two is certainly up there with some of the best science fiction movies I’ve ever seen. And yeah, turns out Dune is certainly a filmable movie.”

Dune: Part Two is now playing theaters.

(Via NPR)