Hugh Grant Found His ‘Joker’ Screening To Be ‘Unendurable’ But Not For Any Of The Reasons You’d Suspect

Joker‘s still going strong at the global box office where it reached the half-billion point (as well as $200 million domestically) after only two weekends. All of that financial success has occurred regardless of the various controversies plaguing the origin story, but one actor did not have a jolly good time while watched Joaquin Phoenix’s fledgling take on the Clown Prince of Crime. Hugh Grant took to Twitter this weekend to declare that he didn’t enjoy his screening, but this had nothing to do with the movie’s actual content. Instead, the Paddington 2 star wished to criticize the movie being played too bloody loud in his cinema. That made his experience “unendurable” and “pointless.”

Aaand now that I think about it, Hugh might have a point, depending on what part of the movie he was referring to (if not all of it). Did he not enjoy the volume during Gary Glitter accompaniment to Arthur’s post-homicide dance (which occurred before even more Joker-launched homicide)? Or was it more about the clown riot at the end of the movie because, yes, that was a fairly loud scene.

Given that Grant tweeted directly at Vue Cinemas, the theater chain replied with an apology and an assurance that the company does often check volume levels as as to “comply to health and safety standards.” After a few more tweets back and forth, Grant clarified what location he was at and confirmed the movie in question. “The joke was on us,” he tweeted.

The thread contained a further apology from the theater chain, but the reactions to Hugh’s tweet confirmed that his take on theater volume wasn’t an unusual one. In the list of replies below, one user stated that loud theaters are akin to “a restaurant adding to much salt in the food.” And that brings up a not-unrelated point … theater nachos (regardless of chain) are a little too salty! But that has nothing to do with Vue, hopefully.