Hugh Jackman Would Be ‘Open’ To Facing Off Against Deadpool Again

Hugh Jackman got the chance to heal the franchise ouchie that was 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine with The Wolverine (and he got two thirds of the way there, too) and now, apparently, he’s “open” to the possibility of helping his good friend Ryan Reynolds out with the long awaited Deadpool movie. That’s right, it’s not just Spider-Man and The Avengers that might show up in each other’s movies, Wolverine wants to get down too.

“They [Wolverine and Deadpool] are definitely enemies in the comics, and they always spark off well together, so, I’d be open to that idea.”

As you can see from MTV UK’s interview clip, Jackman isn’t exactly jumping up and down while pitching a team-up film. Instead, he playfully evades the question at first and then basically mumbles that he’d be “open” to the idea of an appearance.

Will it happen? Deadpool is set to start filming this month, so there is no time to dawdle or do the 9,000 daily crunches that is required of Jackman to play Wolverine and make his veins bulge in that way that they do which can both horrify and amaze. With that said, though, Jackman could probably come as he is for a quick cameo that is on par with what he did in X-Men: First Class even though he’s clearly let himself go. And with Deadpool, such a scene could either be a tense face off that is fun to see or a meta-moment where Deadpool slaps the sh*t out of Wolverine as retribution for almost dragging his character down into a pit of rusted razors from which he nearly never returned. Six of one.

(Source: YouTube via CBR)