Idris Elba Has Tested Positive For The Coronavirus

As the novel coronavirus works its way around the globe, and the humanity is struggling to flatten that curve, more entertainers are testing positive and spreading the message to everyone that no one is invulnerable to the disease. Last week, Tom Hanks fans were devastated to learn that he, along with Rita Wilson, had tested positive after likely contracting the virus in the U.S., and his Australian production has been postponed. Likewise, plenty of completed movies, including the upcoming James Bond flick, No Time To Die, have postponed their releases. Now, the actor who was once considered the frontrunner to be the next Bond, Idris Elba, has made a sobering announcement.

The Luther star revealed on social media that he, as of Monday morning, has tested positive for the coronavirus. “I feel ok,” he wrote. “I have no symptoms so far but have been isolated since I found out about my possible exposure to the virus.” Elba also posted a video that stressed the importance of social distancing and other measures that can help prevent a rapid spread of this disease.

In other Bond-related news, Bond girl Olga Kurylenko revealed over the weekend that she’d also tested positive. The pandemic, which is sweeping across the globe, has led to the cancellation of many premieres and festivals as officials struggle to curtail further deadly devastation. In the U.S., the federal and state governments have declared states of emergency and are implementing various stages of shutdowns. Already, LA and NYC have closed down movie theaters, bars, clubs, and dine-in restaurants until further notice. Schools across the country are shuttering, and emergencies have been declared on national and statewide levels across the board. Stay safe, everyone.