Idris Elba Can’t Go Anywhere Without Being Challenged To A Dance-Off Thanks To Macklemore

While promoting the upcoming blockbuster Star Trek Beyond, which hits theaters this Friday, actor Idris Elba stopped by for a guest appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and to participate in some performance art in between joking around. Though Elba is mostly recognized as an accomplished actor, he revealed that lately, strangers and fans have been heckling him to show off his dance moves wherever he goes, thanks to his collaboration with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis on their goofy track, “Dance Off.” On the hip-hop track, Elba, who is also a musician and hobbyist DJ (he goes by the monikers DJ Big Driis or Big Driis the Londoner) lent his vocals and appeared in the music video.

Elba recalled a recent scenario at a dance club, where he was awkwardly approached in a crowded bathroom by people who recognized him and tried to instigate a dance-off right then. “I was like, bro, no, man!” said the British actor, who seemed amused more than annoyed by the phenomenon.

Fallon responded slyly, “Are you a dancer?” Elba deadpanned back, “I can dance,” and then you can probably figure out what happens next: He got off his chair to casually show off some pretty fierce moves. It wasn’t his only performance of the night, though: Elba also got to sing a rendition of “Panda” by Desiigner after Fallon busted out the “Box of Microphones” and then the two performed a duet of Lionel Richie and Diana Ross’s “Endless Love.”


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