The Team Behind ‘Rogue One’ Gives Their Own Reaction Video To All The Reaction Videos

The Rogue One trailer has been out in the universe for a few weeks now, and with the official trailer came a bevy of fan reaction trailers. Thousands of smiling faces have been posted to YouTube in response to the Rogue One preview, with fans marking out at the appearance of Rebel political leader Mon Mothma and the densely-packed easter eggs in the two minute trailer.

The only way to escalate from a reactions trailer is for the effects team at Industrial Light and Magic to go all Christopher Nolan react to the reactions. Reactionception.

Reaction trailers are basically message boards of the 21st century, kickstarting conversations and fan theories about the upcoming movie they can’t wait to see. In this case, it’s fans seeing the fruits of Disney’s Star Wars acquisition. This is really happening – we’re going to be seeing Star Wars movies dropping every year until the end of time. What fans will do to fill those gaps in-between theater releases, blu-ray releases and trailer releases (which have been expertly staggered thus far), is react to the new content streaming out, which reinforces the mythos  that we love so much. Seeing that ILM gets as much joy out of the release of a new Star Wars as the fans is a real treat. It’s worthy of a reaction to a reaction.

And everyone should always have a healthy reaction to Forest Whitaker on video for all to see.

(Via io9)