Jack Black Is Bringing Much-Needed Joy And Silliness To Everyone’s Lives

Do we take Jack Black for granted? I know I do. I wouldn’t think to list him as one of my favorite actors, maybe not even in my top-20, but I’m always delighted to see him. And he’s given scene-stealing performances for nearly 30 years now, from his early appearances on Mr. Show with Bob and David, to lead roles in School of Rock and Bernie, to energetic voice work in the Kung Fu Panda series, to mega-blockbusters Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and Jumanji: The Next Level, where he plays a teenage girl with surprising nuance. The point is, Jack Black is good, and so is his first TikTok.

Black joined the popular video app to bring some much-needed joy to the world. Instead of drawing Joe Rogan’s ire, here he is, bearded and shirtless, jumping around by his pool while wearing a cowboy hat and sunglasses. It’s dumb, it’s unpretentious, and it’s a reminder that not every A-list comedy star needs to have chiseled abs. If someone wants to sync his dance up to “Explosivo” by Tenacious D, I would be entirely grateful.

But seriously, that kick at :05 is impressive. Others are enjoying Black’s moves, too.



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