Jake Gyllenhaal Won’t Be On The ‘Suicide Squad’

Joe Seer /

Apparently Rick Flagg is the new Doctor Strange. Right after Tom Hardy quit the role of Rick Flagg for Suicide Squad, Jake Gyllenhaal was offered the job. And according to Variety, it took him all of a week to turn it down.

Rick Flagg is, at least in the comics, exactly what you’d expect a guy in a comic book named “Rick Flagg” to be; a tough soldier who loves America and keeps his moral compass even in the middle of difficult situations his country puts him in. He might well be different in the script; depending on who you ask, Tom Hardy bailed because he didn’t like what his role had turned into. The shoot starts in April, so Warners and David Ayer have to start sending out sides and looking at their other options.

Really, it shouldn’t be hard to cast a white guy who punches people in a movie. Although considering what Warners is looking for, they should probably just rewrite the role as British and ask Jason Statham what he’s up to these days.