James Gunn Had A Great Response To Mike Pence Calling Space Force Members ‘Guardians’

On Friday, outgoing vice president Mike Pence had some exciting news: that wing of the military that will, like, patrol the stars or something? The one that’s already inspired a Netflix comedy that mocks it in its very name? Well, their service members now have a title. Those serving in the branch called Space Force will be called [drum roll] “Guardians.” The news prompted an asteroid shower of jokes, many of them related to Guardians of the Galaxy, the likely inspiration for the title. But one person was particularly rankled.

James Gunn, who oversees the Guardians wing of the MCU (and is also hard at work on The Suicide Squad), responded to the news. And he had a valid question.

“Can we sue this dork?” Gunn asked out loud. It’s a good question. If the franchise shares a name with a widely belittled branch of the military — created by a highly unpopular president — it cheapens the brand.

Gunn wasn’t the only member of Team Guardians of the Galaxy who was flummoxed. Pom Klementieff, who’s played Mantis since Vol. 2, chimed in.

“Maybe I can make them all sleep?” she asks, alluding to Mantis’ powers. “Maybe for like a year or something. Thx,” Gunn responded.

Of course, it’s not clear how long Space Force will still be around. Pence’s announcement came just shy of his last month in office. What’s more, there’s always the chance incoming president Joe Biden will scuttle plans for the branch, which has not yet been formally enacted anyway. Anyway, things sure are weird!

(Via EW)