James Gunn Says He’s Not Making A ‘Young Superman Movie,’ Just A Regular Superman Movie

The DCEU is in the midst of a major makeover, and just in time: Its latest batch of movies have underperformed if not outright bombed. Still, one of the brand’s new honchos, James Gunn, is dispelling rumors about one rumor: that the new Superman reboot he’s personally handling will feature a youthful Man of Steel à la Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. Instead, it will just be a regular old Superman movie.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, last week someone on Threads, Mark Zuckerberg’s alleged “Twitter killer,” pinged Gunn, asking him if his “young Superman movie” was “set in the past.” Gunn didn’t exactly answer the question, instead informing them, “I was never making a “young Superman” movie, just a Superman movie!”

Of course, that should have been apparent from his casting. Back in late June. The revival found its two main leads: David Corenswet was tapped to play Kal-El while Rachel Brosnahan would follow in the footsteps of Margot Kidder, Kate Bosworth, and Amy Adams by playing intrepid Daily Planet reporter and love interest Lois Lane. Both are in their 30s. In fact, they’re older than Christopher Reeve was when Superman: The Movie first hit theaters in 1978.

Henry Cavill, meanwhile, just entered his 40s. The British actor famously left his gig at Netflix’s The Witcher to return as Supes…only to learn that the role was being recast amid the DCEU retooling. He’ll allegedly find himself with another role in the franchise.

(Via THR)