James Woods Is Seriously Still Hinting That President Obama Is A Muslim

There are many ways you can criticize President Obama, especially now that we’re nearing the end of his presidency and the sample size is a bit larger. He’s certainly far from perfect and there are legitimate gripes to be had, but none of them include him possibly being a Muslim. It’s up there with bogus claims against his status as an American citizen.

Clearly James Woods missed the memo and took some time on Christmas night to tweet out his feelings on the president’s recent Christmas address:

I guess I just don’t see where Obama being a Muslim would be a big deal. Is it some huge gotcha thing if it turned out to be true, like it changes everything and paints Congress in some light that isn’t sh*t colored?

It isn’t a secret that Woods is a noted conservative voice in Hollywood, I just didn’t know he was one that clinged to these ideas. According to Mediaite, he’s been using his Twitter feed to spout similar opinions for a while now and taking a quick look through his recent Tweets, they aren’t lying:

For those unfamiliar with his Twitter account, the two-time Academy Award nominee has been an incredibly vocal critic of the president, his allies, and other prominent Democrats. He’s previously made headlines by calling Obama an “abomination.”

At another point, he suggested he may never work in Hollywood again because of his political beliefs: “I don’t expect to work again. I think Barack Obama is a threat to the integrity and future of the Republic. My country first.” Some critics hit back that his career was in jeopardy long before he began expressing his political beliefs.

I would probably say that Shark on CBS was the point where his career sunk down, but many forget that he had a starring role in White House Down. Kinda put those claims up in the air. He was cool in Salvador, though, and that’s the guy I was kinda hoping it was in real life. I was wrong.

(Via Mediaite / James Woods)