Jamie Lee Curtis Posted A Photo Of Her Reuniting With Her ‘True Lies’ Co-Star Arnold Schwarzenegger


Jamie Lee Curtis is in the midst of a well-deserved resurgence, breaking box office records with last year’s Halloween and playing one of the many suspects in Rian Johnson’s forthcoming murder mystery Knives Out. She even reunited, in real life, with an old co-star: As caught by Entertainment Weekly, the actress took to Instagram Sunday armed with a beautiful black-and-white photo of her next to Arnold Schwarzenegger, her onscreen hubby in 1994’s True Lies.

“Together again for the first time,” Curtis wrote, telling the former Governator, “you still take my breath away! Older, wiser but still our essential selves. Learning, loving and laughing all the way!”

True Lies was a biggie not only for Ah-nuld, but also for Curtis, who a Golden Globe for playing the long-ignored, oblivious wife of Schwarzenegger’s secret agent, whose identity is so secret she spends half the movie thinking he’s just a boring office monkey (with superhuman muscles). When she finds out, it’s just in time for the explosive mayhem to begin, which involved Curtis being dangled from a helicopter over the ocean.

Curtis notes that they’re “together again for the first time,” which may remind some that True Lies’ director, a certain James Cameron, had been planning a sequel, which he cancelled after 9/11, pointing out that a comedy about battling terrorism would probably no longer be warmly welcomed. And of course, Cameron got a little distracted by what would long hold the highest-grossing movie of all time until just recently.

(Via EW)