Jason Momoa Is Showing Off A Full Set Of Horns For His Upcoming Netflix Movie

Jason Momoa often finds himself wearing fur coats or, alternately, going shirtless for roles where he portrays fierce warriors, but he’s got a different type of role going on soon for Netflix. The streaming giant showed off the See and Aquaman star’s newest look, and yes, he’s probably ripped, but not showing it off for the time being. Instead, he’s wearing horns, and I’m not talking about that thing he does with his hands sometimes to communicate his rocker status. Nope, these are actual horns.

The streamer tweeted out a few first-look photos of Momoa filming Slumberland (based upon the Little Nemo in Slumberland comic book), which shows the actor wearing a full set of horns. He’s also peering out of a wardrobe or something? No visible horns there, but they’re showing in the next image alongside his young co-star, Marlow Barkley.

Momoa’s apparently portraying “an eccentric outlaw,” as you can see above. Does he lurk in people’s bedrooms, too? Whatever the case, this looks to be very much in the vein of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s run of kiddie flicks in the aughts. The best thing about that approach is that the grownups won’t mind watching those movies along with their children. Add a dash of The Rock, and everything is instantly better. The same goes for a sprinkle of Momoa.

Slumberland (which co-stars Weruche Opia from I May Destroy You, India de Beaufort, Kyle Chandler, and Chris O’Dowd) will stream in 2022.