Javier Bardem Is Being Courted To Play Frankenstein In The Universal Monsters Cinematic Universe

These days, cinematic universes are everything, and Universal understands this. That’s why they’re developing one of their most renowned properties for a new movie. The Universal Monster series, which began in the 1930’s and gave cinema its most prominent incarnations of characters like Dracula, Frankenstein, and The Wolf Man, is being revived as an interconnected cinematic universe. We already know that it will be starting with The Mummy, starring Tom Cruise, and that Russell Crowe will be appearing in the film as Henry Jekyll. We also know that Johnny Depp will be starring in The Invisible Man at some point after the release of The Mummy. Now, Variety reports that Javier Bardem is being courted for the part of Frankenstein. While nothing is official, Universal definitely wants him in the role.

Bardem was reportedly initially approached for the Jekyll role that was eventually filled by Russell Crowe, but clearly Universal wants him involved in the franchise in some way or another. Bardem is known equally for his arthouse roles as well as his blockbuster turns in films like Skyfall and the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Perhaps the most interesting detail of the report is that Bardem’s Frankenstein would be appearing in another character’s film before taking a primary role in Bride of Frankenstein, meaning the character does not currently have his own film slated.

Additionally, fans will probably appreciate clarification that Bardem is technically being courted for the role of Frankenstein’s Monster and not the role of Victor Frankenstein, a fact that some sites are failing to clarify. We know this is frustrating to English majors everywhere so we figured we’d set your nerves at ease. Though let’s be honest: Bardem would kill it in either of those roles.

(via Variety)