Was Jennifer Lawrence A Jerk To This Golden Globes Reporter Reading A Question From His Phone?

Fresh off her Golden Globes win for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical and public debut with BFF Amy Schumer on Sunday night, Jennifer Lawrence was being interviewed at a post awards show junket when an incident went down between the Joy actress and a reporter trying to ask her a question. Lawrence first took umbrage with the reporter attempting to read her a question off of his phone, which apparently is not an uncommon practice for international reporters for whom English isn’t their first language.

Without even listening to his question, Lawrence snapped, “You can’t live your whole life behind your phone, bro. You just can’t do that. You gotta live in the now,” to timid laughter throughout the room. The reporter quickly apologized and then went on to continue his question, asking Lawrence how she sees herself for the Oscars, referring to February’s awards which Lawrence is likely to be nominated for. However, Lawrence, seeming to miss the point of his question, shot back: “We’re at the Golden Globes. If you put your phone down, you’d know that.”

On one hand, Lawrence was probably exhausted after a long night. On the other, as a professional actress, she should still keep her composure even if it is the boozy Golden Globes. Many on Twitter are agreeing with the latter sentiment:

Is our honeymoon period with America’s Sweetheart officially over? Only time (and likely a well-timed apology from the actress) will tell.

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