Jodie Comer Might Be Following Up Her Emmy With A Ridley Scott Movie Starring Ben Affleck And Matt Damon

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’s joint movie ventures number into the double digits at this point. They shot to mainstream glory with Good Will Hunting, for which they both won the Best Original Screenplay Oscar. That movie followed long after Field Of Dreams (the duo acted as extras), and there’s been plenty of other collaborations between the two, including Project Greenlight, The Runner, and all of those Kevin Smith movies. They’ll even reunite in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, but there’s another joint project of interest on the horizon — Ridley Scott’s The Last Duel, in which they’ll both face-off with Villanelle?

Okay, I completely elaborated on that last detail, but Jodie Comer (who embodies the iconic assassin of Killing Eve) is looking to follow up her Outstanding Lead Actress Emmy win in style. Variety reports that the English actress is in deep talks to star in Ridley Scott’s The Last Duel. The project hasn’t yet been greenlit, but if that hurdle is crossed, Comer’s expected to hop onboard alongside Damon and Affleck, and here’s more on the movie:

The Last Duel is set in 14th century France and follows a man who goes to war and returns to discover a friend of his has raped his wife (portrayed by Comer). No one will believe the woman, and the soldier appeals to the king of France and says he wants to fight a duel to the death to decide the man’s fate, becoming the last legally sanctioned duel in France.

Obviously, this would be a different type of role for Comer as she wades through what must certainly be a huge pile of post-Emmy offers. There appears to be no dark comedy to be found in the above synopsis, so she’ll get to stretch outside the espionage box. If you’re missing Killing Eve, by the way, Halloween is almost here, and what better reason to google “Villanelle pajamas” for an outfit? None, I say.

(Via Variety)