Joe Manganiello Lets It All Out In His ‘Magic Mike XXL’ Poster

Even though Channing Tatum required Joe Manganiello to be naked “as much as possible” in Magic Mike XXL, we haven’t seen that much besides the above photo. And that’s a very, very sad thing. We know from the actor’s other roles that Sofia Vergara’s fiancé is quite stacked — mainly because he’s shirtless most of the time.

Never fear! The man himself finally tweeted his character poster earlier today:

Considering Manganiello’s sheer physical size, bigger truly is better. Though I have a question about the post: Is this his character’s oh-yeah-look-at-my-sleek-abs-as-they-glisten face, or his nonverbal expression of sh*t-I-just-pulled-something? Considering the stripping-induced injury Manganiello suffered while filming, this is an important question to ask.

(Via Twitter)