John Boyega Hasn’t Entirely Closed The Door On Returning To The ‘Star Wars’ Universe

Over the summer, John Boyega started telling fans on social media that he’s “moved on” from Star Wars, which later evolved into the actor getting brutally honest as he put Disney and Lucasfilm on blast for failing POC characters like Finn and Kelly Marie Tran’s Rose. After that one-two punch, you’d just assume that Boyega has washed his hands of the galaxy far, far away, but in a new interview, he surprisingly revealed that the door is still open for him to return as Finn, but under very specific circumstances.

While discussing Colin Trevorrow’s abandoned Episode IX plans for a much more fleshed out stormtrooper revolution than the one shown in The Rise of Skywalker, Boyega expressed interest in still bringing that original story to life. “The concept art in the ‘Star Wars’ book has that image of Finn with the blue flag, and you have the AT-ATs lined up with tribal marks, and the stormtroopers take off their helmets. That would have been sick,” he told Yahoo. “That would have been dope, hands down.”

Boyega then said he’d love to watch the Finn’s story conclude on Disney+ where he says Lucasfilm is killing it with The Mandalorian. But when asked if this means he’d return to finish Finn’s arc, Boyega switched gears just a little bit and revealed that there’s one specific way he’d return to Star Wars. “Animated? Yeah that would be cool,” Boyega said. “You could do it all from home.”

Considering Lucasfilm has been very successful with its animated Clone Wars and Rebels series, which have been well received by Star Wars fans and, more importantly, have avoided the more heated online flame wars that plague the films, we don’t blame Boyega for making animation the medium of choice for Finn’s return. Way less drama.

(Via Yahoo)