John Williams Was Honored With An A Cappella Tribute That Would Make Andy Bernard Proud

You may not think a cappella is for you, but the fact is, you’re probably an amateur a cappella performer yourself. An unscientific study, made up completely during the writing of this article, assumes that everyone sings in the shower, but if you aren’t using any lyrics, then you’re an a cappella performer. And while not everyone sings along to movie scores, most everyone has had their own personal a cappela cover of the Star Wars theme, so congratulations — you did it!

Knowing this fact about yourself, it’s nearly impossible not to sing along with Harvard a cappella group Din and Tonics as they dignified John Williams, who received an honorary Doctorate of Music from Harvard University. Their medley starts with the iconic Star Wars theme, then moves on through the years, busting out the Indiana Jones theme, the Harry Potter theme, the unforgettable Jaws theme and so many more.

They even throw in some Indiana Jones whip cracks and shark attacks in there for good measure.

At the end of the day, it was an Ivy League tribute worthy of the man, and it likely got a nod of approval from another Ivy League a cappella superstar — Andy Bernard.

(Via IndieWire)