Johnny Depp Thinks Donald Trump Would Be The ‘Last’ U.S. President

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s dogs nearly destroyed Australia. That’s also what Depp thinks Donald Trump, an anthropomorphic poodle who got locked in a tanning booth, would do to the United States if he were elected president.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star, who previously impersonated the Republican frontrunner for Funny or Die, was in London to promote Alice Through the Looking Glass when he was asked about President Trump. “If Donald Trump is elected president of the United States,” Depp said, “in a historical way, it is kind of exciting, because we will see the actual last president of the United States. It just won’t work after that. I’m not into that kind of stuff.” Depp’s only into scarves, making Mortdecai 2 (Mort2cai), and more scarves.

(How long before Depp pitches his good friend Tim Burton on a The Actual Last President of the United States feature-length film? Depp will play Trump again, but only if he can wear even more makeup.)

This isn’t the first time Depp has shared his (and every sane person’s) feelings for Trump. Back in March, he called him a “brat” before doing an it-would-be-funny-if-it-wasn’t-so-accurate impression. “I’m going to build a wall,” Depp-as-Trump joked/not joked. “A fabulous wall. A sensational wall. And all of my billions are not going to have pay for it. Because you know why? Mexico is going to pay for it.” As Hollywood’s most overpaid star, Depp could chip in.

(Via the Daily Mail)