Jon Hamm Is Looking For An Oscar With ‘Marjorie Prime’

Jon Hamm just wrapped up Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, and also some cable drama, and thus is looking for work. Fortunately, he won’t have to look far, and his next gig looks to be an adaptation of that rare beast, the science fiction play.

Marjorie Prime has a killer concept; the Marjorie in question is an elderly former concert violinist who commissions a holographic image of her husband to help her keep her grip as her memory fades, and as her family struggles with her aging. But nobody’s asked if the primes have feelings, and what might happen if the copies are a little… off.

Like most theatrical dramadies, it sounds depressing as hell on paper, but it’s gotten excellent reviews and if nothing else, it’s a clever take on an old SF trope. Hamm would be playing the role of the prime in question, Walter. Equally interesting is the director, Michael Almereyda, who film nerds might remember directed the Ethan Hawke version of Hamlet, and indie horror snobs might remember directed the amusingly weird vampire flick Nadja.

Mostly, I’ll be curious as to whether the studio pitches this as just a movie with Jon Hamm in it, or if they decide the Academy is old enough that the movie might play as an Oscar competitor. Hey, if Gravity can make a serious bid for a Best Picture Oscar, why not Holodeck Jon Hamm?

(Via Deadline)