Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Turning ‘Sandman’ Into A Film Is ‘Complicated’

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06.07.15 4 Comments

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It’s been awhile since we’ve heard anything of substance about Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s upcoming film adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s celebrated comic Sandman. Like, almost 10 full months, to be precise. Thanks to MTV, we can reset the “Have You Heard The Latest News That’s Not Really News?” counter to zero.

The most recent Sandman tidbit comes to us courtesy of the actor’s recent appearance at the Spike TV Guy Choice Awards, where Gordon-Levitt briefly discussed the film on the red carpet:

“It’s a really complicated adaptation because those comics, they’re brilliant. But they’re not written as a whole. It’s not like ‘Watchmen,’ which is a graphic novel that has a beginning, middle, and end. ‘Sandman’ was written over the course of whatever — I forget exactly, six or seven years. One at a time. One little 20-page issue at a time. And to try to take that and make it into something that’s a feature film — a movie that has a beginning, middle, and end — is complicated.”

Considering the length and scope of Gaiman’s comic series, Gordon-Levitt’s admission that his adaptation is a rather “complicated” one makes sense. Of course reworking something that took years to produce, publish, and consume requires careful attention to convert to cinema.

Then again, I already know what you’re thinking. It’s an awfully nagging question, but it’s been on the tip of your tongue this entire time. The answer is yes, the Guy Choice Awards DO — in fact — have a red carpet event before the ceremony. No word on who did or didn’t wear it best.

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