Josh Brolin Considers Playing Thanos ‘One Of The Better Decisions’ Of His Career

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02.03.16 2 Comments
RDJ and Brolin

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Marvel has gotten into a very good groove of having multiple upcoming movies for fans to drool over at once. It’s a savvy strategy. After all, yesterday we went berserk over being reunited with Guardians of the Galaxy even if it was just in a behind-the-scenes capacity. It’s a sweet multibillion dollar racket to get into, we reckon.

Another highly-hyped Marvel franchise has seen some interesting dish squeezed out of it. Josh Brolin talked to SuperHeroHype this week about his gig as Thanos in the comic company’s cinematic universe. Brolin/Thanos previously popped up in small slivers in a few Marvel offerings, but the ultimate destination will be Avengers: Infinity War. The 47-year-old actor told the outlet he’s contributing more than just a voice to the supervillain. (It sounds like he’s pretty jazzed to be playing Thanos.)

“It’s not voice work, it’s mo-cap. I’m there. I’m there and I’m not in a booth. I’m being filmed. I have a bunch of crap on my face. [laughs] I’m being filmed by like thirty-four cameras? Thirty-six cameras? Something like that. Every movement, everything. So, it’s very new to me, it’s very exciting, it’s very unnerving. But I sure trust these guys! You know? We’re supposed to get together very soon to talk about the trajectory of Thanos in the next few years and it’s very exciting. It’s one of the better decisions I think I’ve made.”

We imagine Jonah Hex fails to fall under the same “one of the better decisions” umbrella, but that’s between Brolin, his higher power, and the markerboard he uses to rank these things.

While we’re on the subject of Brolin as Thanos, the actor shared a story with Cinema Blend about how he melted a bunch of geek brains by attempting to score extra research on his character at a comics shop. It helps if you imagine Brolin saying all these things in his default Josh Brolin voice.

It was a great thing – when I was doing Sicario, up the street from where I rented a house there was a comic book store. And I walked into the comic book store wanting to get more information on Thanos, and not wanting to call Kevin Feige with ‘Hey man, can you send me more stuff?’ And I walked in there and they freaked. Dude, I’ve never seen that kind of reaction. I’ve never seen that reaction. It was like, ‘Uhuhuhuhuh.’ Freaking out! And I was like, wow, this means so much to some people!

It really does! Avengers: Infinity War Part I and Avengers: Infinity War Part II are due out in 2018 and 2019, respectively. Can’t wait that long for your Brolin fix? You could always catch the W. star in the new Coen Bros. joint Hail, Caesar! due out this Friday. Our Mike Ryan has made a pretty strong case why you should go out and experience it.

(Via SuperHeroHype)

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