Josh Trank And Tom Hardy Already Have Their Next Dream Project In The Works Following ‘Capone’

Josh Trank’s Tom Hardy gangster movie, Capone, filled in a VOD blank this week (on May 12). The movie followed notorious gangster Al Capone’s life (and mindset) after nearly a decade behind bars, following the onset of dementia. Hardy gets to wear a diaper, fire a machine gun, and defecate in his pants, and the movie’s certainly an interesting way for Trank to reenter the movie world after the implosion of Fantastic Four, along with the director’s feud with 20th Century Fox. However, the formerly exiled filmmaker’s using Capone as a launchpad for the next project he wants to do, and he reveals that Hardy’s onboard as well.

In an interview with Collider, Trank revealed that the Venom star plans to appear both behind and in front of the camera for an untitled project about the CIA. The pair hopes to produce a limited series, and although no network or studio gets named, it sounds like a passion project that’s so “really big” that Trank says it twice:

“I’m working on this limited series that Tom Hardy is producing and that he’s involved in and he’s very excited about, and I’m excited about, [and it’s] a story that spans decades, from right at the end of World War II and concerning the formation of the CIA, but from a point of view that hasn’t really been seen in a movie or in television before, and is just mentioned in books. It deals a lot with Castro and Cuba, and capitalism versus Communism. It’s really big. Sort of the, you know, capitalism versus communism. It’s really big.”

Collider mentions that Hardy’s continuing to foster close ties with FX following his Taboo run and a pair of Dickens-centered projects, soooo maybe this project could land there as well? It actually sounds like something that could potentially find a home on the new FX on Hulu platform, but of course, that’s all speculation. No matter what Trank and Hardy do together, it’s sure to bring curious eyeballs to whatever network picks up the project.

Capone, also starring Linda Cardellini, Kyle MacLachlan, Matt Dillon, and Jack Lowden, is on VOD now.

(Via Collider)