Somebody Spared No Expense On This Tiny, Adorable ‘Jurassic Park’ Tortoise Enclosure

Have you ever had the desire to own a real-life dinosaur? Well, obviously that’s not possible, but owning a tortoise is pretty darn close. I happen to be a proud tortoise father, and my guy’s a tiny dino-esque delight. However, unlike a real dinosaur, he’s never once tried to escape his cage and eat my face. I’m guessing he never will, unless I decide to cover my face with lettuce for some reason.

Well, YouTuber Oliver Turpin decided to build a very appropriate Jurassic Park-themed enclosure for his mini dinosaur, Louie, and dang if this thing isn’t just about perfect. The Jurassic Park gates and visitor center look spot on, but the topper is the broken fence that leads out into a wider enclosure. Don’t worry, though, an escaped Leopard Tortoise is going to be more interested in eating grass and maybe the occasional dandelion than human flesh.

The only flaw I can see in this setup is that those fences look just a little bit flimsy. Like they could actually be knocked down by a determined reptile. A tortoise may seem like an unlikely escape artist, but as a wise man once said, life, uh, finds a way.

(Via Kotaku)