Someone Remade The ‘Jurassic World’ Trailer With Hot Dogs Because This Is What The Internet Demands

Jurassic World arrives in one week. The fandom is acting accordingly by anthropomorphizing junk food. Sausage Party, a comedy channel led by meat-focused parody engineer Annie Lederman, hasn’t been so inspired since they recreated Christian Bale’s infamous set rant with hot dogs.

The parody team now returns with a shot-by-shot trailer recreation called Jurassic Pork. This effort is surprisingly inventive with attention to snack food detail. Hot dogs and taquitos play prominent roles. Chicken nuggets pinch hit for the raptors. A terrifying dog goes in for the kill during the water park scene. And the Bryce Dallas Howard hot dog is surprisingly busty. This parody preserves the spirit of the real trailer while diving into shamelessly edible territory.

The side-by-side comparison shows how much work went into this parody.

(via Tastefully Offensive)