‘Jurassic World’ Female Raptors Changed To Male For The Toys Because Everything Is Dumb

Toy companies seem to have a problem in assuming toys marketed to boys need to have the female characters removed, even when those characters are a part of the full set or an integral part of a scene being referenced. But we never thought it would go this far.

Hasbro has decided to turn all of Jurassic World‘s clever girls into clever boys, as spotted by the Geekiary.

Yes, Hasbro’s official description of one of Chris Pratt’s raptor squad is now a “he,” and she’s not the only one being gender-swapped. The pronoun swap is consistent throughout the whole product line. Just a few examples:

Did they seriously change the all-female dinosaur population to all males in order to placate sexist parents fearful that female characters will give their sons the gay? Or are they just exceedingly bad at fact-checking and this made it all the way through production?

So, how did all of these dinosaurs change to male? Life… uh… finds a way. (And sometimes “life” is a euphemism for “ridiculous f*ckery.”)

Nonetheless, we’re still buying 50 of these raptors for our office security:

jurassic-world-parks-and-recreation-andy-dwyer-50-raptors-1a jurassic-world-parks-and-recreation-andy-dwyer-50-raptors-1b
jurassic-world-parks-and-recreation-andy-dwyer-50-raptors-1c jurassic-world-parks-and-recreation-andy-dwyer-50-raptors-1d

(Via the Geekiary)