Noted Oscar Critic Kelly Reichardt Jokes That This Is A ‘Great Year’ For Her To Win An Oscar For ‘First Cow’

In a just world, First Cow would be considered a Best Picture frontrunner. But if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we don’t live in a just world, so director Kelly Reichardt’s New Yorker cartoon-meets-The Revenant film, which she knowingly described as being about “someone who steals a basket of milk” (it’s a masterpiece), is probably on the outside looking in. Or maybe not, who knows! It’s a weird year for movies, obviously (casual reminder that Dolittle remains the third highest-grossing film of 2020), but if one of Reichardt’s films were to get nominated an Oscar, this is the time she hopes it happens.

Reichardt thinks award shows are, well, cow plop (“I just don’t give a shit about the Oscars. I just can’t bring myself to watch. I find them a little embarrassing — the strutting of money and everything,” she recently said to The Daily Beast), but when asked by GQ about First Cow being an Academy Award contender, the filmmaker replied, “Listen, if you were ever going to win an Oscar, wouldn’t this be the great year? Just Zoom in, no outfit. Sure.”

You thought Billy Porter looked incredible at the Academy Awards earlier this year? Wait until he doesn’t have to leave his bedroom. Or maybe he’ll go against type, and take fashion advice (gym shorts) from Adam Sandler. I’m suddenly into an at-home Oscars.

“I just don’t like film to seem like a competitive sport,” Reichardt continued. “I just don’t like to give that power to anybody. If I get to make another film, I’ll be super good.”

Second Cow, anyone?

(Via GQ & The Daily Beast)