Kevin Costner Wants You To Eat Like Kevin Costner At A Costner-Themed Restaurant (That Will Also Do Catering)

Kevin Costner is putting down roots in Utah after filming his upcoming western epic, Horizon: An American Saga, in the state. The actor/filmmaker is reportedly building a massive multi-million dollar studio that will also include a delicious treat: A “Costner-themed” restaurant.

What does that even mean? No one really knows, but according to the president of the new development project, the restaurant is “kind of Kevin’s passion,” so fingers crossed that translates into menu items like Bull Durham Burgers, Tin Cup Tostadas, and Robin Hood Ravioli. The restaurant will also cater, bringing that Costner-themed goodness to your next event.

Via Salt Lake Tribune:

Costner’s interest in building a studio was borne out of his frustration last year in finding a warehouse to shoot some interior scenes when he was filming “Horizon: An American Saga.” The four-part series, which will depict the settlement of the West during the Civil War era, employed a cast and crew of more than 400 people and pumped an estimated $90 million into the St. George economy.

The 500-acre complex will be conveniently located near the St. George airport and “feature two sounds studios, a production warehouse for set design and office space.” Tours will be open to the public, presumably to allow people to experience Costner’s passion for Costner-based food items.

(Via Salt Lake Tribune)