Kevin Smith Shares Some Fond Memories Of His Friend, Alan Rickman

Alan Rickman provided one of the more noteworthy performances in Kevin Smith’s fourth movie, Dogma. Rickman played Metatron, the “voice of God,” in the film and stole each of his scenes. It was one of Smith’s first big productions and the presence of actor’s like Rickman forced the director to step up his game a bit. And it shows within the memories Smith shared on Facebook about the late actor.

Clad in his costume, including the “Ken doll” cod piece, Rickman poses for a photo on the set with the inspiration for his look. Next to it, Smith shares his memories of his friend:

You have to enjoy the phrase, “cauldron of win.” It also stands as a reminder that Rickman’s presence in the film raised everybody’s game a bit. This includes Jason Mewes, who apparently went above and beyond to impress Smith before filming on Dogma by memorizing his script. His reason was because he didn’t want to “piss off that Rickman dude.”

You do not want to piss him off. We’ve seen him shoot a few guys AND he’s quite a rough dancer. Learn those lines.

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