Kevin Smith May Be Planning A ‘Mallrats’ Sequel… Or He May Be Messing With Everyone

Kevin Smith has been on a major hot streak work-wise since the days of Cop Out. There was Red State, then Tusk, and now he’s announced the line-up of his schedule for the next year and a half via Twitter.

Wait. Hold up. What was that about a rat? Is he implying what we thing he’s implying? Is there going to be a Mallrats…sequel?

Certainly the Clerks follow-up movie that cemented the View Askew films within a shared universe has its fans, but is there enough to make a movie out of it? Especially considering mall culture certainly isn’t what it once was in the ’90s. Then again, a Mallrats follow-up wouldn’t necessarily be a feature film.

Smith is notorious for teasing his fans with potential ideas. What if this isn’t him teasing a new movie, but a digital short, or a comic, or even a web series? There are a lot of ways this could go, and until the man chooses to elaborate, if at all, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Source: Kevin Smith via /Film