It Looks Like Kevin Smith And Southwest Airlines Have Patched Things Up

How inconvenient is air travel sometimes? Inconvenient enough to send Kevin Smith into “enemy territory” to get to a gig. (No, he isn’t flying with all the critics that caught Yoga Hosers.)

The director/raconteur/hockey jersey enthusiast had a remarkably unpleasant experience in 2010 when he was booted from a Southwest flight because of his, um, carriage. (Smith noted at the time that he traditionally bought two tickets for the airline when he flew with them, but this was a standby situation.) The understandably embarrassing situation scored an extensive bit of press coverage with Smith expressing his frustration with the forced exit and Southwest apologizing. It was a messy encounter for both Smith and Southwest with reconciliation seeming pretty darn unlikely.

So let’s talk about this week’s kinda-sorta reconciliation between Kevin Smith and Southwest Airlines, shall we?

Friday saw the View Askewniverse kingpin attempting to get to Kansas City for Planet Comicon, but wound up facing nothing but delays with his Delta flight. Did Smith chronicle his journey on social media? You bet your snoochiest of boochies he did!

Realizing that time was of the essence, the filmmaker weighed his options. Could he get on an airplane operated by his public nemesis? With the clock ticking, Smith bit the bullet and set voyage on the airline.

Let’s see that game face, Kevin.


The newly svelte Smith shared a photo with his seatmates confirming that there were “no fat complaints.”

As an added bonus, the plane arrived at its destination. (Always a plus with air travel.) Smith was able to attend Planet Comicon and a pleasant time appeared to be had by all.

Smith even flew back on the airline, but remained vigilant to enforce the sanctity of seat regulations. (Well, in a joking way.)

Kevin Smith would later place this tale of his journey into Instagram caption form for convenience and (presumably) historical record keeping.

“See that pig flying?” wrote Smith. “That’s me! Feel that chill? Hell has frozen over!”

(via E!)