‘Key & Peele’ Reveal The Mad Genius Behind ‘Gremlins 2’

If you missed this week’s episode of Key & Peele, you missed out on a fun sketch involving the pitch meeting for Gremlins 2 and the ideas that appeared in the film. Keegan-Michael Key plays the head of the team aiming to craft the sequel and he’s looking at keeping along the somewhat frightening, but enjoyable levels of the first film. Something that doesn’t seem to sit right with the man from the studio, played by Jordan Peele.

What transpires is a sketch that doesn’t do much more than recite characters and situations that appear in the actual Gremlins 2, highlighting just how ridiculous Joe Dante and crew were when making the film (which was on purpose according to Dante, who essentially wanted to make a live action Looney Tune). There’s a lady gremlin with a gremlin vagina, spider gremlin webbing up pretty ladies, and the Hulkster, before he crushed the dreams of fans everywhere (by joining the nWo, of course).

It’s a ridiculous movie that allows for a ridiculous sketch. And even Joe Dante agrees!

I’m going to miss this show.

(Via Comedy Central)