With ‘Knock At The Cabin,’ M. Night Shyamalan Has Put An End To ‘Avatar 2”s Long Box Office Reign

Before it came out, people were worried Avatar: The Way of Water wouldn’t make all the money. Even its maker wasn’t so sure about it. Then it started making all the money. But now all good things have to come to an end: After seven weekends at the top of the box office charts, the belated sequel has been felled and by another film from a hitmaking filmmaker.

As per Deadline, Knock at the Cabin, the latest from M. Night Shyamalan, opened to $14.2 million. By contrast, Avatar 2 “only” added another $10.8 million to its sizable haul, which now stands at $636.4 million domestic and a whopping $2.17 billion worldwide. That puts it just shy of the $2.18 billion made by another Cameron mega-blockbuster, Titanic, although that’s about to get a splashy reissue for Valentine’s Day, meaning the two films by the same guy can duke it out some more.

Knock at the Cabin wasn’t the only film to outgross Avatar in its eighth weekend. 80 for Brady, in which Jane Fonda, Sally Field, Rita Moreno, and Lily Tomlin play fans of footballer Tom Brady, opened to $12.5 million.

Still, seven weekends at the top is pretty good. Indeed, it’s the exact number of weekends the original Avatar held the top spot some 13 years ago. And it’s still raking in the bucks.

(Via Deadline)