These ‘Knocked Up’ Moments Will Fill Your Comedy Craving

It’s been eight years since Knocked Up made Seth Rogen, Katherine Heigl and Judd Apatow household names and the film is still a classic worthy of our attention and respect. Despite the controversy after the filming that came when Katherine Heigl made disparaging remarks about the director and her co-stars, it’s still a good movie that made unintended pregnancy just a little bit funny if not delightfully foul-mouthed and raunchy. Here are 10 quotes that demonstrate just how good this movie was.

“Oh, no, we’re not asking you to lose weight. That would be illegal. We just want you to be healthy, by eating less. So go home, weigh yourself on a scale, write that down. Then subtract 20 from that number. And weigh that. Yeah.”–Jill

A nearly unrecognizable Kristen Wiig delivers a hilarious line as Katherine Heigl, portraying Alison, as she accepts her new role as an on-screen personality for E! News.

“Jesus, Martin got it bad. What, did someone take a dump on your eye?”–Ben

“No. No pink eye for me. I’m just really… high.”–Martin

Judd Apatow used Martin Starr from his cult classic show Freaks and Geeks as one of Ben’s many stoner roommates. Here, he looks stoned beyond the realm of possibility as we all learn a valuable lesson about the spread of pink eye.