Tom Hiddleston (Sort Of) Explains Whether ‘Kong’ Is A Prequel, Sequel Or Remake

Not unlike the riddle that was misunderstood pop miracle Jimmy Ray, there are a lot of questions to be sorted out about the looming blockbuster Kong: Skull Island. Beyond the standard wondering about how Steve Brule-y John C.Reilly’s character will be in the film, one of the more pressing questions is what exactly is this thing? Is it a reboot? A sequel? An elaborate Trivago commercial? Thankfully, Tom Hiddleston is here to set us straight. Thanks Tommo!

In a series of promo videos released today, Hiddleston answers the question of whether Kong is a prequel, sequel or reboot. (He’s in the film, by the way. It would be a bit weird if he were doing this and was nowhere in the movie.) Well, he kinda explains. HIddleston’s answer to all three prospects is a general “not quite” rebuttal. So the answer is… it’s not any of those things. Somehow.

In more conclusive promotional video information, a freshly released video from Warner Bros. offers up an extended tease of what’s in store soundtracked by “Kong: Skull Island Groove” crafted by Jay Z producer Young Guru. It’s a nice pairing of Kong crushing action and a quality musical partner. Kong: Skull Island hits theaters on March 10.