‘Saturday Night Live’ In South Korea Has The Best Recurring ‘Doctor Strange’ Sketch

Forget everything that you think you know. South Korea’s version of Saturday Night LiveSNL8 on tvN every Saturday at 9:15 pm — has created a recurring sketch version of Marvel’s Doctor Strange who is far more “boastful YouTube street magician with hype men” than he is “self-serious sorcerer supreme played by Benedict Cumberbatch.”

The second of SNL8‘s Doctor Strange sketches is available above, expanding on the original sketch (video below) in almost every conceivable way. There’s his uncanny ability to make phones ring (astounding), opening a single-serve biscuit packet without breaking it (amazing), and even a “magically” rising elevator filled with presumably screaming — but silenced — hype men. (That’s levitation, Holmes!)

As /film points out, it has a similar humorous conceit as the viral “David Blaine: Street Magic” sketch from a decade ago. We’ll admit, as much trippy Escher stuff as was in Doctor Strange, we still wouldn’t have objected to Cumberbatch also doing some overly dramatic street magic.


(Via tvN, Z-01 LANCELOT, /film, and The Mary Sue)